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While many of our futon frames come in a variety of sizes, the futon frames listed in this category are available to accept a full size futon mattress (54" x 75") only. Please keep in mind that the over all full size futon frame may vary.

The American version of the futon mattress started out on the floor. As time passed many futon makers began to see the potential of the futon frame as a new design alternative to the conventional, dual-purpose sofa-bed. Although a multitude of frames now exist, in the futon industry's early days it was the team of Irv Wieder (of Arise) and William Brouwer who developed the first convertible futon frames. Brouwer won the 1983 Daphne Award (sponsored by the Hardwood Institute) for his Brouwer Bed as the best new design in the Bedroom/Retail Category.

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Orion Style Futon Frame
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