Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide to Futons

Welcome to our shopping guide on what is available in futons, futon mattresses and futon covers today. We've spent a lot of time listening to our customers and have complied an informational guide that we think will be helpful in letting you know what's out there today.

Better futons consist of 3 components:

  1. Futon frames: come in many styles, finishes and sizes.

  2. Mattresses: come in many thicknesses and materials.

  3. Covers: can be removed easily for cleaning and redecorating.

All three components work together and can be selected independent of each other. All of this will make it easier for you, the customer, to make an informed choice when buying a futon. Like a frame, a mattress and a cover? Choose each piece and customize your own futon. If any piece wears out, you can replace it.

Futons vs Sleeper-sofas

  • •  The comfort level, futon mattress are twice as thick.

  • •  No bars in your back.

  • •  Futons have zippered removable covers that can be removed and cleaned.

  • •  If you ever want to redecorate, you just buy a new cover.

  • •  Futons are easier to manage during moving. Sleeper-sofas are usually bulky and extremely heavy.

  • •  Futons can be assembled on site in your room. A lot of doorways/staircases are too narrow for a full size sofa.

  • •  No cushions to remove.

  • •  Futons open flush unlike a sleeper-sofa that opens out into the room.

  • •  Our solid hardwood Futons are constructed with a fully exposed frame (if by chance it was ever damaged) there is a good chance it could be repaired unlike a Sleeper-sofa.

  • •  If your Futon mattress ever wears, it's replaceable.

  • •  Most of our hardwood Futons offer three positions: straight up, lounge position and completely flat. Futon's offer quality frames, maximize comfort, and unlimited decor options at very affordable prices.


    Frames are available in many different sizes with full being the most popular. You can also get them in a bi-fold or tri-fold variety. The difference in these is how many times the mattress must fold when converting from sitting to sleeping. Some styles, like twin chairs and loveseats need
    ottomans in order to make a bed. Prices will depend upon the type and style.

  • •  Metal frames are usually the least expensive and only come in full sizes.

  • •  Metal and wood arm frames also are full only and usually a bit more expensive.
  • •  Most wood futons come in different finishes so you can match your décor.

  • •  Wood frames come in both pine and hardwood. Many come in chairs, twin chairs, loveseats, full size sofa and queen size sofas. These different sizes do open to beds, but chairs and loveseats will need an ottoman to make them sleep worthy.


    A good mattress is important. The futon mattress gives you your support and comfort, so you want to spend your money here. There are many different types to choose from and they will range greatly in price. When selecting, it is important to know how the futon is going to be used most, so you need to ask yourself these questions: Is the futon for mostly sitting or sleeping? Who is using the futon? Kids can sleep on almost anything! 

    Mattress Types:

    All cotton

  • Cotton & foam Combinations

  • All foam

  • Innerspring & pocket coil innerspring

  • Memory & Specialty Foams


    Buying a cover is the really fun part! Covers come in all fabrics and designs just like other upholstered furniture, but covers can be changed easily for cleaning or redecorating. You can find hundreds of options in-store, or you can special order with pillows and material to match your preferred style.

    A variety of fabrics, solids, patterns, prints, and upholstery weight.

  • Covers come in all sizes with pillows to match or coordinate.

  • Many covers are machine washable, but some may be dry clean only.

  • Fabrics can be ordered by the yard if you sew or want to recover another piece in your room.

    Once you have selected a futon we have specifically designed coffee and end tables that will match your selections. Ottomans for extra seating are available and come in several sizes. Additionally, we have a selection of bookcases, screens, and lamps available to compliment your furniture selections and bring your chosen style for the room together.

    Now that you have an overview on futons, explore our website and enjoy!